Insomnia has the old school hip-hop feel that invokes reminiscent emotions of a hip-hop era most people are not familiar with. Insomnia epitomes a throwback to the time of the ‘boom pat boom’ kind of hip-hop; a throwback to a time when rappers wore white vests or oversize jerseys, with a face cap worn to the side or backwards.

Credit to Gamie’s singing and attempt at hitting a falsetto, and also credit to the clarity and smoothness of DaBoomsha’s flow. Both artists lead the listener by the hand and show a lot of maturity in their vocals. The two of them make quite a pair.

Although the song gives you a reminiscent feel, there is a sharp contrast in the narrative, which was written in the present. However, despite their best efforts to produce quality music the content and lyrics of the song lack the depth that the title suggests. Also the narrative was little bit sketchy with very little punch lines and wordplay. Although in all fairness rap songs back then weren’t riddled with punch lines.

There were, however, some impressive lines by DaBoomsha like “I’m destined for greatness, i’m like the one in d matrix” and “My dreams looking scary yo, its like the windows all tainted, Colours be all black like the burial”. But apart from these the rest was much basic. (This does not suggest that the song is not still great).


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