Gavin Duerson also known as Inside Joke released a track “You Don’t Hear Me Though,” on April 11.  Several of Inside Joke’s worlds collide as he releases his least joketified song to date.

Recently while having a conversation with Wheeler Fortune about the book Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola, Joke and Fortune shared their thoughts on the book and the challenges and frustrations that one experiences when seeking to find real
church in the middle of the Bible Belt.  This song was born out of that
conversation and serves as an anthem for all who are able to “hear.”  Dana
Vogel, who is a part of Inside Joke’s simple church community, lends her vocals in her first ever appearance alongside Inside…

Inside Joke will be releasing his fifth album this summer, “Foolish Songs
That Shame The Wise.”  Inside Joke is known for his humours story telling
rhymes and high energy shows and performances and is a regular performer at
Fellowship of Christian Athletes camps across the southeast.  Most of his
songs tend to be on the humorous side in the tradition of old school
rappers like Biz Markie, The Fresh Prince, and more recently Pigeon John
and John Ruben.

Inside Joke spends much of his time challenging others to follow Jesus and to experience “church” outside the traditional walls and inside simple church communities.


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Listen below:


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I’m having a hard time, help me understand
Jesus said He would build His church, not man
But we turned His body into an organization
Am I the only one who fears our focus is misplacing?

In His the word, the church is always the people
But we keep talking like its meetings and buildings with steeples
We just follow the person in front of us like sheepal
Getting real comfortable, and sometimes downright evil

But His freedom is peaceful, we rest in His grace
We’re basing church on the fact that it’s not a place
Just His people gathered together in any space
And we prefer the harvest fields as the birthplace

No buildings, budgets, pros, or programs needed
Just the the faith to believe Jesus can still do the leading
To the hurting folk it looks a lot like family
Church folk be like “it don’t meet my needs”
But you don’t hear me though

I don’t think that you hear me
I don’t think that you hear me
I don’t think that you hear me though

We got The Author of The Book living inside
And we trust Him to teach us and lead our time
Just His people together doing acts 2:42
No IRS number needed dog and that’s the truth

Just look in the Word at our roots
From house to house went Jesus and His crew
And that’s how they rolled for like 300 years
Then Constantine came along and switched up the gears

From underground into them pagan temples
But unfortunately we kept a bunch of pagan rituals
But God used it like He always does
Don’t mean we can’t benefit from looking at how the church originally was

Martin Luther set The Word free (reformation)
And now His spirit setting the church free (emancipation)
21st Century the church’s liberation
Coming to America like in other nations
But you don’t hear me though

I’m talking out loud but you’re not listening
Speaking clearly but you don’t hear me though
I’m talking out loud but you’re not listening
Speaking clearly but you don’t hear me though

Jesus help us break our addiction to our services
All of our events and our Jesus circuses
Help us to return to Your simple purposes
Even if that means peeling off our shiny surfaces

Help us start next door today and make a disciple
Help us gather our friends and start to read the Bible
Help us be fully devoted to You and they things You say to do…
( if we can help you
But you don’t hear me though)

I don’t think that you hear me
I don’t think that you hear me
I don’t think that you hear me though

Recorded in Lexington, KY at Jokesta Records
Lyrics by Inside Joke
Additional Vocal by Dana Vogel
Music Production by Dar’rel Banks aka ALL4BEATZ
Mixing by Inside Joke


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