American rapper, Joyner Lucas released a new controversial song “Devil’s work” where he appeared to challenge God, remember lost icons and address various issues in the black community like gun violence, unemployment e.t.c.

Father forgive me” was probably a very smart way of starting the song , because he seemed to question a lot of God’s choices, he asked a lot of questions that we might have asked at one point or the other in times of grief. and it shows he was talking from a place of grief and frustration.
Like so many, Joyner seemed confused as to how bad things seem to happen to good people and how the bad ones seemed to go unpunished, he even went as far as asking God for a switch, citing people he felt should be switched with those that are gone e.g Tupac for Suge Knight, Biggie, XXX Tentacion for Trump, Martin Luther for Michael Shkreli, Michael Jackson for R. Kelly and so many others. He also named Tomi Lahren who is notorious for her various disrespect to hip hop culture and the black community.

The tempo of the verse right from the beginning was quite fast, so it was obvious he was venting out his frustration, he kept this energy till the middle of the verse till the end where he just seemed resigned trying to understand and looking for answers
“Wonder why you give us family just to take them from us” is definitely a question many have asked themselves¬† at one tough time or the other and Joyner Lucas definitely could relate.

“Got this children getting murdered while they are double dutching”
“Niggas shootin’ up a church, now I need a pistol

” Everybody got guns, nigga’s up to something”
“And every gangsta wanna prove that they tough or something”

Joyner referenced the immense amount of school shootings, gang violence, church shootings that happen in this day and age, as it is not safe for children to double dutch with out getting shot at and killed.

” been drinkin’, Lord forgive me, it’s my blood racin”
“I don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m just frustrated”
“I don’t mean to question you, I’m just confused”
“I don’t know what else to do, I’ve been patient and it sucks waiting”
“Took my mans from me, that forever hurts”

This part of the verse shows a heartbroken Joyner still reeling from the shock of his friend’s death, Joyner and Nipsey Hussle (RIP) were reportedly close friends before his death on the 31st of March 2019.
“I know this ain’t your fault, it’s the devil’s work”
The irony of it all, after about four minutes of venting all his anger and frustration as to why God allows all these things to happen, Joyner reverts to the popular saying “its the Devil’s work”.

As expected, Bizzle responded to Joyner coming a perspective of ‘If God were to Respond¬† to Joyner’.

Bizzle is well known for giving responses to artistes who desecrate the name of God. He has released mutiple response tracks to Jay-Z, Macklemore, Kanye West and as expected he has received multiple death threats. One of his responses earned him the name “The Rapper/Christian Rapper who dissed Jay-Z”. Bizzle not holding back on spreading truth music released a response track which he titled “Devil’s Work (Response to Joyner Lucas)”.

This response takes listeners back to the story of Job in the Bible,¬† during the difficult times of Job’s life, Job questioned God’s intentions and God had to set Job straight by reminding him about his sovereignty.

“I am the God who created the Earth”
“I knew you’d start feeling yourself, so I made you from dirt”
“Ain’t no battery in your body, so who making it work?”
“I made the Earth perfect, it’s y’all making it worse”
“Who put the seed in the fruit, put the fruit in the tree and that tree in another little seed but Me”

In this excerpt Bizzle’s response is reminiscent of Job Chapter 37, where God responded to Job’s Inquisition, He is God! and who are you to question him.

“I made the Earth perfect, it’s y’all making it worse”

This excerpt reminds us of the perfection of the earth that God made and how all the bad things happening are as a result of Man, God is perfect and so is everything he made.

“You are lost, I’m the Way, I’m the potter, you’re the clay”
“And now the clay got something to say, okay”

Bizzle kept his response as bible based as possible, his reference to the potter and clay relationship is reminiscent of Isaiah 29:16, which in turn illustrates the absurdity of the created having the effrontery to question the creator.

“You made gods out of men who are clay to Me”

In this excerpt Bizzle reminds listeners of how much certain men are put on pedestals, making them seem perfect but in the real sense they are nothing but clay to God. It also reminds of how much men exalt the created instead of the creator.

“See, I love them more than you ever did”
“More than you ever could, death doesn’t lessen it”
“Let My own Son meet death as the evidence”
“That I love ’em all, rap star to the president”
“The real question is, what you living like?”
“If I punish every sin, would you live tonight?”
“So how you get mad when I give them other folks same chances I give you to get it right?”

Finally, in this verse Bizzle tells of the eternal love of God that is immeasurable, even death does not lessen his love for mankind. He also asked listeners to check themselves if they are living right as there is no sin bigger than the other, and if God is to punish every sin would “Joynar” still be alive today…hence the grace of God and it extends towards all sinners not certain sinners.

Bizzle obviously did justice to this reply letting people know that God is God and none has that right to call him out.

Listen/ Watch the two tracks below.





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