For those wondering what was gong through NF’s mind while creating ‘Therapy Session‘ album especially the fiery track ‘Real’, now is your chance.

The rapper recently sat down with Rhyme and Reason hosted by video hosting platform Vevo, to explain the heart behind the song and the lyrics.

After spitting his verses from ‘Real’, the rapper explained;

‘hip hop to me always has been competitive, so i like to make music that challenges not any rapper specifically but just hip hop artistes in general, just to step it up and keep it competitive. Its not always about bragging, but its also about a standard that hip hop should be at. So that’s what ‘Real’ is about’.



Watch the video below:


Check out the video to ‘Real’


You can get Therapy Session on iTunes: Therapy Session





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  • Jeremiah Ajiboye, 06/10/2016 @ 18:47 Reply

    Thanks Seyi for This

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