Aitina Fareed-Cooke also known as A.I. The Anomaly, is the first female signee of God Over Money (GOM) Records (a major label in Christian Hip-Hop, headed by Bizzle). She was officially announced as the newest member of the label group in June 2019, but she is yet to release an album since then. Although she has dropped few singles under the label, she has featured on songs with her label-mates as well. She’s also a Rapzilla 2020 freshman, she has a feature on the upcoming Rapzilla 2020 Freshmen EP project. A.I. is no doubt a skilled lyricist that can’t be brushed off the shelf, she has proved that in her several freestyles.

As much as we love to see more females handling the mic on the hip-hop forefront, sometimes we get shortsighted about the other affairs of their lives and the other responsibilities they are obligated to. Especially as an industrious woman in the 21st Century, who have to daily act as a wife, a mother, a mentor to her kids, amongst the many other things they might be into.

Asides doing music and being a femcee at GOM, A.I. is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, an artist, an entrepreneur (CEO of Get Fokus’d Productions), she hosts a vlog on Instagram tagged ‘behind the KNVS: KREATIVE SESSIONS’, she’s a mother of two kids (a teenage boy and a little girl), she is a Youth Advocate, a Teaching Artist, a Consultant and an overall creative. There are tons of women like this as well, who are finely disciplined with their time and are still able to balance themselves to play effectively in their different life roles. This is not to stir up an appraisal for women but to give a little understanding of how demanding their lives can be outside of being in the booth or rapping on stage and on tours. I personally would love to see Jackie Hill Perry do another album, but her two kids are the album she’s been working on, and on top of that she’s close to delivering another child. Sometimes, parental and family roles can be the most important role that steals time from other life ventures, especially as a woman.

A.I. took to her social media to assure us that there’s an album work in progress. No details about it yet, but we believe soon enough she will share the details, and the entire GOM family will be proud to announce it. When the album drops, it will be her debut under GOM imprint but also her third album.


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  • A.I. The Anomaly, 03/10/2020 @ 09:46 Reply

    Grace and Peace!
    I am beyond grateful for you to take the time to compose this article. You’ve made a statement that I feel truly captures the essence of what’s happening. This life demands true management of time and energy. I am committed to the work yet I work to be wise with what God has placed in my life.
    Thanks for noticing the way that I move and feeling as though it was important to share this aspect on you platform.
    God bless you for this! ✊🏾

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