Nigerian rapper, Hassel is starting 2018 with a new single ‘Clap’. Hassel is known to focus his music on revealing Jesus to the world as saviour and king; and to the believers as the author and finisher of our faith. The rapper has previously dropped other singles including Fire In my Bones, Risen King. 

Clap focuses on the joy that believers get to benefit beiung in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

The hook says “If the Lord has been good to you just clap, if you can testify of his grace just clap” 

Hassel says,

We as Christians don’t have a “Jesus of or for things”; we have a “Jesus for salvation” and in that salvation is contained all that God intends for mankind. Beyond the houses, cars and whats have you, we acknowledge in our praises the results of the ONE most important show of Love by God to man in Christ.

Listen and download: [ddownload id=”8550″]



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