Datin introduced Jered Sander on stage, but just before before he gave Jered the stage, Datin announced on Behalf of Bizzle that God Over Money has a new addition to the team – Jered Sanders

Jered Sanders most recent project Nobody Famous  was released January 27 , 2017. Nobody Famous had interesting features.

Tracklist of Nobody Famous:

  1. Sum’n Good’s Gonna Happen (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  2. G.E.S.W. (Grind. Eat. Sleep. Wake Up.) (prod. by Talen Ted)
  3. Nobody Famous (feat. Dee Black) [prod. by Illien Rosewell]
  4. Know About It (feat. Ki’Shon Furlow) [prod. by O.L. for Agape Productions]
  5. Powin’ Up (The Spirit Of Peer Pressure) (feat. Shiwan) [prod. by Talen Ted]
  6. Upside Down (Water) (produced by W)
  7. Awww Man! (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  8. Heathen | The Gift Of God At Work (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  9. Daddy Duties II (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  10. Nevermind (prod. by Best Kept Secret)
  11. Blessed (feat. Jeremiah Bligen & Mouthpi3ce) [prod. by Best Kept Secret]
  12. Smile (feat. Eshon Burgundy) [prod. by W]
  13. Children Of The Cloth (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
  14. We All God’s Children (feat. Drique London, Evan Ford, Intalek & K-Hill) [prod. by Illien Rosewell]
  15. Jesus Cares | The Soulful Talented (prod. by W & Illien Rosewell)

Welcome Jered Sanders as he joins the GOM family of Bizzle, Sevin, Datin, Selah The Corner and Bumps INF.





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