Concerned about the current state in the church in Nigeria, Gamie chose to share  his opinion via facebook  posts.

See posts by Gamie :


Gamie post a



Gamie post b



Gamie Post c


His opinions are also in line with these lines from Beautiful Eulogy song from the album Instruments of Mercy  “Signs and Symbols”

Preacher saw them dollar signs
He on that paper chase
Stuffing profits in his pockets
A wolf with a sheep’s appearance

And the reason he’s making that scratch huh
Is cause those ears itch

Pimping out the Gospel
A prostitution of false doctrine

Lies whistle in the wind
But we listen
If there’s a little truth mixed in

Find a pastor that suits you
On your TV with a suit and tie
Hitch a ride in his private jet
And you’ll be lookin’ stupid fly

And selfish ambition
Is a foolish religion

The riches of God’s mercy
Is worth more than your superstition

Tell me how does a Christian begin
To develop discernment and wisdom
First we submit every symbol and sign
To the authority of the scriptures

There were various comments to the post which you can view on his facebook wall.

Below are some of the comments. What do you think?


Gamie comment 1



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