Nigerian rapper, El’Noel well known for  his indigenous flows and lyricism on two singles he released

this 2016, Ife Ni  and Shawa .

These two singles are free releases from his upcoming  EP From The Wild . El’Noel is currently

designing the art to this EP.  The art is already  appearing to be one of the best of Christian hip hop in


El’Noel explained to iRapChrist what the art implies,  and how it relates to the title of the EP From

The Wild also describing how it is different from Sho Baraka’s Lions and Liars.


iRapChrist: This art bears similar characteristics to Sho Baraka’s Lions and Liars 2010


El’Noel: Yea, but I think the concept is quite different, one part of the face was lion, the

other wasn’t fully human – that depicts liars..

From the wild is basically about transition from bad to good. This implies there is a good

part, and a bad part.

Even after the transition, the bad part which is not completely riding off tries to infest the

“new” good part.

So, basically, it’s not like both parts are bad, that’s why I’ll need a part of the face to be


The art being “left and right” implies two things. Firstly, it implies a transition, maybe not

vividly, and secondly , it depicts, despite the transition, a part of what he transited from

still appears to be retained. What can then bring about the “perfect” transition is God, His

word, Love and some conscious decisions.

Listen to Ife Ni and Shawa  below.





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