Manne has released his long awaited music project. Grace Anatomy Vol 1. Prior to releasing this mixtape, Manne dropped three singles, Dirty Gold, Freefall and Love Me Now.

Grace Anatomy is a crafting of a story that typically describes what happens in our lives. It’s a metaphor of life and a representation of the struggle we as humans go through sometimes unknown to us, other times overwhelming our beings.

At this point we seek for solution, help or some sort of escape but then we figure out after a while that it not only is a necessity of our existence but is an opportunity in disguise. An opportunity for us to honestly declare our helplessness on our own and seek a higher source of strength. An opportunity to grow and create diamonds as we go through the heat, and when we emerge  still remain in submission and acceptance of our helplessness.”

Grace Anatomy paints a picture of our relatable reality using colours of love, pain, need, beauty, insufficiency, worth and passion.

Puppet in the mixtape art represents the theme of the first volume of Grace Anatomy mixtape series.


Download [ddownload id=”5105″]

Listen Below



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