Lagos based hip hop artist, FIF just dropped his second project titled Illumin8.  FIF shared the thoughts behind Illumin8 EP with iRapChrist.

Illumin8 is a project I conceived as far back as 2013. I liked the idea of shining, being a light, and I decided to being that concept to life through my music to inspire listeners. I think the world is dark enough as it is, so this is my way of encouraging those with and in the Light to push out the darkness.

FIF also shared with iRapChrist why he decided to do another EP. read below.

The thing is, I’m always creating. Always! At each point in time I probably have at least three project concepts I’m playing with. I prefer to work on projects as opposed to just singles because they allow me create something closer to a story, a movie if you will, while singles feel more like snapshots.

In 2013,I had ideas for illumin8 and another project. This was supposed to be an album while that one would be the EP. But by the time I fleshed out the ideas, and then with the passage of time too, I had to cut out a lot of what I thought would be on illumin8 and simultaneously expanded the other project into an album.

So, this is coming out as an EP because of the dimension of the story I’m telling. I want the listeners to press play, listen through, and get it once. Then they listen over and over again to go deeper.

Listen Below.

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