Eshon Burgundy premieres the video for the third single off his recently released album ‘The Passover‘ which was released May 2016.


View the lyrics to ‘Dead Letter’ below.


[Verse 1: Eshon Burgundy]
Yo, i dare a man tell me there’s no God
I dare a man tell me it’s all lies
Where was you at when we was riding through the trap with a trunk full of crack going against all odds
Was you around when they gunned me down?
And life passed before my eyes. Nah
You’re around as I write this down
Now pay attention as the dead let us rise
Rise dead letters
My life story I thought it wasn’t nothing better than shining with jewelry, riding in vehicles with the leather
I knew the sky had a Heaven on the inside of it, but I felt like the world was more special
In love with the control and the pleasure
Almost sold my soul for the treasure
All the love I have for hell is now minimized
Cause I no longer stroll with the devil
Back then I was fascinated with trapping, but knew it canceled out the maturation of black men
I flirted with it, I even got dirty with it
Wasn’t in it all the way, but half way like thirty minutes
Ya know, I was behaving like I’m lost
Still had a passion for the cross
Deep inside I knew I had to choose sides
So the next morning I was up

Praying to God
I’m praying to God (4x)
Deep in the water (3x)
But I’m set free
Deep in the water (3x)
Lord would you bless me

[Verse 2]
Yo, when I read the words of His scriptures
I depend on the spirits to give me pictures
Paint a clear one for me my Lord, Paint a clear one for me my Lord I need a vision
Being frequently blinded by this system
Gotta remind myself that I’m not in a prison
These bars a hologram
I’m a mirage I won’t let jeopardize my position
Feeling like a prophet in a poet
Uh, and a sucker at the same time
Cause I stand firm on the word when I burn with the urge, but I struggle at the same time
Acting like a schizo
Stumble with the big dogs then I want to tiptoe
I can’t tolerate a diss though
Wanna stand firm but I know I got to get low
I ain’t gon’ trip though
Gotta maintain when I wanna let a clip go
That’s so sick though
Cause I want you to forgive everything I ever did
But I refuse to do the same
People cross me, I cross them I can’t even remember they name
All of sudden I forget about my sinning ways
Acting like I never had committed the same mistakes
I’m so fake

Deep in the water (3x)
But I’m set free
Deep in the water (3x)
Lord would you bless me
Dead to my sin
Alive in the flesh
Life in my pen
A drum in my chest
Heart of conviction
Grateful and blessed
Fully forgiven
Tasting regret
Lord please save this dead letter


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