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So a few days after releasing the video of the single Pray, Atlanta based Christian rapper Eshon Burgundy officially releases his new album titled the Passover today. The much anticipated album has garnered attention from fans and it is expected to do better than his previous Billboard charting album, The Fear of God.

Burgundy’s new album, a 10 song set, showcases an energized and renewed Eshon, masterfully fusing incisive and reverent lyrics with dynamic production. The theme of this album, Eshon says:

…is loosely inspired by “The Passover” of Exodus. The story is a powerful one about God delivering His chosen people, held captive by Pharaoh in Egypt, out of bondage. As they obeyed His commands, they were spared – passed over unharmed by the death angel when it arrived as the finale of God’s 10 plagues. This account in the Bible is about liberation and as a man once confined to the four walls of a public housing community, I share the experience of an oppressed people.

The Passover was executive produced by Dee Black, Maison de Grace (House of Grace), & Agee Boy and features artists like Th3 Saga, Abiv, Jeremiah Bligen, Parade and Stef Silva. The total running time for this album is about 40 minutes.


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