When it comes to making great cover art designs, Christian hip hop artistes rarely lag behind as they put in the same effort in the production of quality music to the making of cover arts too.

Being an artiste goes beyond connecting with listeners with your music but also having a relatable cover design. This is what Kaduna based rapper ‘EazyBobWizzy’ has just exemplified in the recently released design for his mixtape ”Where Is Eazy”.

EazyBobWizzy’s Cover Art

EazyBobWizzy, one of the popular Christian rappers from the northern part of Nigeria is known for lyricism and storytelling in his music, one of what he portrays in his music.

Recently, he dropped the artwork to his much anticipated mixtape ‘Where Is Eazy’, below are 5 Talking Points from the cover art. 

The Thieves – The first talking point in this piece is about the thieves. One would recollect vividly skkw months back when Eazy lamented about burglars coming into his home and getting away with his speakers and laptop. Yea, he showed them off in his art. 

XRek Weekend – The X-Rekordz Weekend is an event of the music label of EazyBobWizzy, the last one held about a year ago where Eazy performed for his fans and also interacted with many of them. It was a gig that was organised with the purpose of getting acquainted with his fans the more.

Ghana Emblem – Those familiar with EazyBobWizzy will know that he had his tertiary education at the University College of Management Studies (Accra, Ghana) therefore he representing the that in his artwork. 

Bakery/Bread Bus – EazyBobWizzy has always defined or called his fans by the name #BreadGang where he sees himself as always bringing bread (new music) from his bakery (music studio) to the fans who await it. This same thing he showed in his artwork as The King of Bread. 

Mixtape Tracklist

Ryt Path Clothing / 34ZY Media – Apart from being a music artiste, EazyBobWizzy is also delving towards being an entrepreneur and this has birthed his company ‘Ryt Path Co.’. 

Under this is where he has Ryt Path Clothing (a clothing line in charge of merchandise that relates to EazyBobWizzy and his music), 34ZY media (an aspect of the company in charge of graphic designs). 

Other aspects in this cover art includes Eazy in his popular blue pullover, showing off the NYSC corps members, EazyBobWizzy Live In Concert. 

The cover art basically shows where EazyBobWizzy has been up to in the past years, happenings in his life and also spectacular events. 

Rate the artwork on a scale of 10.


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