Canadian rapper Dru Bex and Kay Sade have been teasing their upcoming collaborative album, ‘UFOTOFU’ for a while now. They have released three singles so far; ‘NEVER ODD OR EVEN’, ‘ORORO’ and ‘TENET’ respectively.

Recently, they sought the opinion of fans via Twitter to help choose a design for their cover art, out of two options; ‘a red Martian’ or ‘a green Martian’. The result of the poll was pretty close but the green Martian won it. Taking a different route, they decided to extend the creative so they eventually used both coloured Martians.

UFOTOFU tracklist

  1. 010
  2. ABBA (prod. by Randy Mb)
  3. OTTO (prod. by Kay Sade)
  4. RADAR (prod. by Adam P & Dru Bex)
  5. TENET (prod. by Kay Sade & Dru Bex)
  6. ORORO (prod. by Terminal Beats)
  7. PULL UP (prod. by Jaae Kash)
  8. RACECAR (prod. by Kay Sade)
  9. TOP SPOT (prod. by Terminal Beats)
  10. UFO TOFU (prod. by Kay Sade)
  11. NEVER ODD OR EVEN (prod. by Randy Mb)

The artwork was illustrated by Eric Flacko. UFOTOFU is said to be released on 30th of October.





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