“Where are the real men?”


I thought, ‘Really? Where are the real men? We’re right here!’

Some of us drink, some of us don’t. And we make our decision based on our personal understandings and convictions under God. Whether we eat or we drink, we do all for His glory. But please, sir, if I may…a drained glass or empty bottle(s) of beer do not define a real man!

Sexual prowess or body-count does not define a real man!

Physical strength or muscular build does not define a real man!

Political power does not define a real man!

Financial (st)ability does not define a real man!

Talent does not define a real man!

Physical attractiveness does not define a real man!

So…what defines a real man?

There was a man who lived a while ago. Gratefully, he’s still alive today. His name is Jesus. He is the very epitome of real masculinity.

He was not just a man. He is GOD, and he is THE MAN!

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” – 1 Timothy 2:5

Hol’ up! Chill out and hear what I have to say about this…

You see, Jesus is the first born (not the only, now) Son of God. He came to make all who believe in him to be reborn as Sons of God like him, once and for all time! He was tempted in every possible way, yet he never sinned. He gave his sinless life to sinful people who never stop sinning yet he never stops loving them. He would never turn anyone back, even the filthiest of all.

He has a bride, made up of everyone who believes in him. His bride is loved, chosen, accepted no matter what she does, only by his grace.

That said, I believe that a real man is basically defined by FAITH IN GOD, LOVE, FAITHFULNESS, COURAGE and his ability to give GRACE. Other things follow, but these are so basic and so lacking in our world today.

The ability to love unconditionally, persistently remain faith-filled and faithful, live boldly and courageously, doing the will of God in a world characterized by cowardice, to give grace to others exactly the same way God has given it to you defines you as a real man.

Real manliness is found in true Christlikeness!

So I ask…Where are the real men?



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