Derek Minor just announced the preorder and unveiled the cover for his next album Your Soul Must Fly. Minor also mentioned that the album is a part of four projects to be released in 2017

Derek Minor says “Different projects, with different vibes, but one story,” Minor described this four-part “Up And Way” series.

Derek Minor detailed a lot of this info during a nearly hour long Facebook video. The rapper also said the four covers will come together to form one picture – One Story .


  1. Tracklisting:
  2. Launch Pad
  3. Anti-Gravity
  4. Take Off (feat. Ty Brasel, Canon & K.B.)
  5. Jumpin’
  6. Astronaut (feat. Deraj & Bryon Juane)
  7. Level (feat. Lil Bre)
  8. Your Soul Must Fly

Preorder on iTunes and Spotify




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