New Orleans rapper, Dee-1 has just dropped a video for his 2016 song, The Undefeated (An ESPN theme song). The former high school mathematics teacher positioned himself with his music and definitely his viral video for “Sallie Mae Back” played an important role in giving him an authoritative voice for the black people and rap culture. These all led to  ESPN recruiting him to create a theme song  for a media platform aimed at exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture. The Undefeated in 2016. 

ESPN said.


“We thought Dee would be perfect to introduce The Undefeated because number one, the brother can straight-up rap, Jesse Washington, Senior Writer, The Undefeated, explained. He’s extremely talented on the mic. Dee is also a basketball player, a sports fan who watches ESPN, and an insightful social critic with a deep appreciation for black history. I had been following his music since ’50 Weezy and Jay,’ and once we met, it was clear he was the perfect artist to create an Undefeated anthem.”

The Undefeated is a track off Dee-1’s 2016 Slingshot David Mixtape

Watch below:



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