From an instagram post by Dee-1 below

Rapper Dee-1 opens up in an interview with Stashed about collaborating with Lupe Fiasco and how he confronted Lupe when he cursed on his song “Against Us.

During the Interview, Dee-1 said “When I asked Lupe Fiasco to hop on my song, he was totally cool with it… He knows that I don’t curse and that I don’t have profanity in my music. On the last bar, he said “My kind and they logic is like 99 of their problems with no B… I’m like Oh boy, here we go [laughs]. Do I speak up and create this awkward moment in the studio or do I let it ride? I decided to speak up and we had a little conversation about it and he was cool with removing it…”

Dee-1 also mentioned that Lupe, while talking with someone else, said “He don’t know it, but I cursed on his record on purpose just to see what he would do.”

It would appear that Dee-1 was being tested by Lupe and we can say that he passed with flying colours. As always Dee-1 rocks the unashamed banner with pride by being Real, Righteous and Relevant.



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