Dear Christian Rapper,

I hope this letter meets you in great condition, and I hope you got our three previous letters? I want to believe these letters have been quite insightful and I believe that you are on the path to becoming a better creative.

However, there are still some issues I would like to open your eyes to- hence this letter.

It is said that a tree that forget its root will surely dry up. That begs the question- do you have a root? Are you planted? If yes, how deep? Do you have a home church? Are you active there and does your pastor know you? If you call yourself a Christian rapper or a rapper who is a Christian, I want to believe your Lord and savior is Jesus Christ. If not, you have to stop reading this letter and make that decision. (Else, you are living in plain deception, wasting your time and destiny).

In this age of social media, online streaming and so on, a lot of young people believe they can worship in the comfort of their homes. While I do not necessarily have issues with that (it definitely has its place), it is pertinent that as a growing Christian (a serious one at that), you have to actively belong to a local church. You also have to be accountable to someone or to a group of people, because accountability plays an important role on the path to greatness. Having a voice of reason when confused, having a physical and spiritual support system that has your back no matter what, is very important to your spiritual growth and the longevity of your ministry as a creative. Ask your favorite rapper that has been at it for years and is still relevant. He or She will never fail to mention their support system, including friends, family and of course the local assembly. Lack of, and the unwillingness to be accountable is what got man here in the first place. Accountability cannot be overemphasized.

I know you are still young and want to do your thing. I understand if you feel being accountable to your pastor can feel like they want to box you into a corner. However, I want you to know that God has placed them in your life and placed them over you for a reason. You have to understand that reason and let it work for you. If you think deeply about it, these persons actually want the best for you.

I want you to consider this advice if you are not yet on this path and if you are, continue in it. As your root gets deeper, you will see your life and career flourish like a tree planted by the rivers of waters.

Good luck in the future.


Yours Sincerely,

A concerned fan.





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