Dear Christian Rapper,

The first thing many music listeners with access to the internet would do after listening to a song is to go check the lyrics of the song if it appeals to them. Tell me you have never felt sad or unhappy when you are unable to find the lyrics to a song you really love, would you want to say totally wrong words while singing your favorite songs, or while rapping to your favorite rapper’s song?

The question, where are your lyrics? is a very salient question that requires an overt determination to be a well rounded artiste.

Are your lyrics just on your Evernote, Google Keep, note pads, etc.

Let us go back to the days of the big black disk. the vintage stereo record players  when you buy a record back then, you see  leaflet in it right? , If the publishers of music then did not see the importance, they would not have included a booklet to accompany the record. Even on some records the lyrics are printed on the back cover of the disk. As much as your music is melodious, it also has an intended message it is passing across to the listeners whether subliminally or directly, this message can only be properly passed when the recipient properly understands what is in the song. In many scenarios, the normal intonation of words change to fit a particular note in a song, sometimes words are even shortened which may make grasping the lyrics to a song more difficult. Take a look at Panda by Desiigner.

I believe you make music and you really want your fans to connect with your word play , your usage of similes, metaphors and other figures of speech. So why then would you want to limit yourself. I personally have searched a couple of times for Lyrics to some Christian Hip Hop Songs and I could not find them.

There are a couple of lyrics services like,, , etc that can host your lyrics for free. even allows annotations thereby giving you the opportunity to really explain what that word play means, what that punchline is trying to pass across. the entire story of the song and so many other things that you want to share about the song.

Next Steps:

Please go to a lyrics platform and put up all your lyrics of your released songs and please ensure you publish your lyrics alongside your new releases going forward.


I do hope this letter comes through well.


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  • Udo_preach, 10/12/2017 @ 03:02 Reply

    Sweet write ups .

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