Nigerian Artist Creed Olofin is all set to release his debut project. It has been a long time coming since he released True saint ft Dreamzy  and Kabiyesi in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

Creed wants listeners to listen through the five (5) tracks on Me and understand that they are representatives of the kingdom and that they should be proud of it.

Creed further explained .

I just looked at my life and realized that too many people my age were not fully ready to identify with who they really are as Christians… And they let people think and say stuff about them and I decided to show them who I really am… despite the fact that I have flaws, I still stand for Christ and I’m super proud about it.

Considering the factors that shaped the creation of Me, Creed thinks it all came up at a point where people started to talk a lot of bad stuff that had to do with his past and it started to get to him… And to some the picture was already painted about his personality.

In his words.

I really wanted to dismiss every notion and then make them realize that I’m not who I was before.. And this is who I am now… This is my identity and I’m proud of it.

Creed’s best way to do this is through a music project.

Download. [ddownload id=”5058″]

Listen Below


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