Many Christian Hip Hop artists in Nigeria have been vocal about what they see as limitations, or problems in the industry.

  1. Non acceptance by the Church to Artists,
  2. Same old faces on posters Church events,
  3. Attitudes of acclaimed industry lovers but bashing them openly outside,
  4. Christian DJs claiming to love and know the industry but never playing Nigerian Christian Hip Hop Songs
  5. Christian bloggers ignoring emails and outreaches upon song releases by artists.
  6. Competitions and every artist running his own race without effective collaborative efforts
  7. Christian Bloggers lacking original content.

Gamie a Nigerian Christian Rapper also posted this on his facebook page.

And on the SMH show a fallout of the recent single –SMH released by Daboomsha, Daboomsha speaking up on christian media in general – Bloggers, TV, Radio Stations, Internet Radio, mentioning issues where Christian media asks for money before posting, their songs , This does not happen to a little established artists like himself, but artists that are yet to be well known.

Gamie talking also about artists developing their own personal websites, but also looking at the limitations that artists have which makes them unable to set up a website. Gamie placing emphasis on bloggers creating a great platform that is worthy of artists paying. Daboomsha saying CHH is a mess now, statement not far from the truth  which relates to some of our previous articles.

Boomsha talking up on the place of mentorship, the intentional act of handholding new rappers.

On the next steps forward, label executives need to be existent, artists need managers, shows need to be organised and we need to work together in love.

Watch the SMH show below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Another Nigerian Rapper Nolly of CIA Clique, who is well known for rapping in his Igbo dialect posted these on his facebook page and got overwhelming responses.



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  • Sheyi, 06/05/2017 @ 19:03 Reply

    yes i will like to know your take

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