Byron Juane is a young and talented soul who is evolving as an indie music artist. Byron who recently made a new deal with RMG Music is eager to share with fans what he’s been working on.

Not a lot of times we get to hear songs about love, relationship and heartbreaks in Christian Hip-Hop, but with ‘Promise I’m Not Crazy EP’, Byron tells a story of love and the crazy entanglements with it. Interestingly, Byron shares these stories in his songs based on personal experiences. He believes his music serves as a therapy for him and helps him get better at certain life situations.


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I’ve never had songs that hurt perfectly the way these do… not just because of the pain conveyed, but because some of the moments that inspired them were so perfect and it hurts that I’ll never feel them again. Love isn’t a feeling it’s a spectrum. It’s light, darkness, passion, hate— beautiful chaos… it’ll drive you to do things that you didn’t think you would do. But, just because of how much that person means to you, it wouldn’t even be a second thought. My goal isn’t to make music that paints this pretty idealistic picture of love. My goal is to make music that shows it’s reality. Sometimes love doesn’t work, or sometimes it does. Maybe the person you’re in love with will not have the emotional capacity to love you back. We all have scars. I’m just honest enough to show mine. I promise I’m not crazy… 9/25 💔

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PINC is a 6-track EP with a sole guest appearance from Itstaylormade. He premiered a short video for the EP days ago, you can check that out below.
Gorgeous and Nice Guy; the two earlier released singles made fans submit attentive ears to what he has to say…guess the full project will be worth a listen too.

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