Braille, a member of the trio Beautiful Eulogy which is signed to Humble Beast records has decided to take up a full time pastorship role in a local church Westwood Community Fellowship, Milwaukie, OR. The local church lost her pastor in July 2017 and they have been without a shepherd.  Braille has been taking sermons at the church on some occasions but now he going in fully.

Braille shared on his Instagram page:

Life update:

I’ve recently accepted an opportunity to serve as a pastor for Westwood Community Fellowship in Milwaukie, OR. Their previous lead pastor passed away in July of 2017 so they have been without a shepherd for almost a year. The existing congregation consists of around 35 people, many of them elderly & they have become very dear to me. After preaching for them on 8 occasions, with the support of my wife & the elders of Trinity Church, I became compelled to pursue this work. My family plus a team of 24 adults (& 16 children) are being sent from Trinity Church to join Westwood in a church revitalization. God has been so faithful in assembling a fantastic team with a variety of gifts for serving the body. There has been affirmation, confirmation & support at every turn, which has been very reassuring that this is in step with God’s purposes for us. On June 3rd I will preach my final sermon as one of the elders of Trinity Church. After the service we will enjoy a Bar-B-Que together. I’ve been a member of Trinity Church for over 8 years now, it is during that time that my desire for pastoral ministry was birthed, affirmed & nourished. It is sad to leave a congregation I love so much but it is exciting to see the Christ-centered heartbeat of Trinity continue to spread through the greater Portland area. Our team will join with Westwood on June 10th for our first service together. We don’t have a website yet or anything of the sort but once we do we will make it public for those who want to visit, stream sermons, support or find more info.
Behind the scenes we’ve been praying for many years about a variety of paths including church planting, a church staff position etc. The door would always close before a plan was set in motion. In the case of Westwood the door has remained open. I am humbled & thrilled to enter this new chapter of life & ministry. If you would like to pray for us – please pray that God would do a powerful work of uniting the current congregation of Westwood with the new team joining – that we would become one in Christ. Thanks.

Please support him with your prayers as he takes on the responsibility of leading God’s flock.


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