The God Over Money frontman has released his fifth studio album Crowns and Crosses. Bizzle had released three videos to the song since he announced via a video to We Here Now, a track off the album .

Bizzle then paid homage to his “King” on another video to a track off Crowns and Crosses , where he featured H.U.R.T.


“With all the self-proclaimed kings & gods we have in hip-hop today, pride is at an all- time high. That being said, there’s only one God and one King of kings, and He’s Jesus Christ. The rest of us are merely mortal men who will die (and won’t rise again) and will have to answer to that GOD or that King one day,”… Bizzle


Bizzle then went on to release the GOM Cypher which had every GOM crew member on it and then a single Bless his name 

The wait is over, Bizzle has available here Crowns and Crosses.

Bizzle packed a host of interesting guests on this project including Dee-1, KB,  Jonathan McReynolds, GS, Liz Rodrigues, Alexis Spight  and all of GOM  crew.

In a recent interview with DJ WadeO, Bizzle described the album as a balance striking album,

He wants to show both the struggles and the triumphs in the Christian Race, It’s an album that we can all relate to.



  1. We Here Now (prod. by C-Life)
  2. Bless His Name (feat. Alexis Spight) [prod. by C-Life]
  3. Wake Up (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  4. Ain’t Got it (feat. GS & Dee-1) [prod. by C-Life]
  5. Oh Yeah (prod. by C-Life)
  6. Knock Off Love (feat. Jonathan McReynolds) [prod. by Dilemma]
  7. Royalty Interlude (feat. Tony Gaskins) [prod. by The Cratez]
  8. Royalty (prod. by The Cratez)
  9. Closer (feat. Liz Rodrigues) [prod. by Boi-1da]
  10. Been 100 (prod. by The Cratez)
  11. Money Get Low (prod. by The Cratez)
  12. From The Outside (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  13. Dream World (prod. by C-Life)
  14. King (feat. H.U.R.T.) [prod. by MacNiff]
  15. Work It Out (prod. by Snaz)
  16. Forever Love (After The Storm Interlude) (prod. by C-Life)
  17. Hands In The Air (prod. by Marv4MoBeats)
  18. All I Know (feat. KB) [prod. by The Cratez]
  19. God Over Money Cypher (feat. Sevin, Datin, Bumps INF & Selah The Corner) [prod. by Boi-1da]

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