Popular American DJ, DJ Wade-O was with Bizzle to discuss his new project Crowns and Crosses. The project has  several interesting features that came to many as a shock (Dee-1, KB, Jonathon McReynolds) and how those came about. he also talked about the role his wife has played in helping to build God Over Money and making records like “No Hate” which recently won the Kingdom Choice awards.

Bizzle describes the joint with Jonathan Mc Reynolds as a dilema laced track. ‘No Gray’ by Jonathan McReynolds attracted Bizzle to Him , Bizzle says, the song was real on a rap level.

Bizzle featured his wife on a record –A duet style at the end of this interview he says whatever I have is hers ten times over. Such Love.


About KB, Bizzle says,

KB is another Dude, Solid Solid Dude

About Bizzle singing , he had this to say.

People hate or love my singing records,  But I like writing them and I like singing them.





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