HOGMOB (Hooked on God, Ministry Over Business) artiste & disciple , Bazooka drops new music with video featuring H.U.R.T.

See Bazooka’s testimony below:


From the streets of Moreno Valley, CA aka “The Murda”, Bazooka Tha Disciple has had his share of tribulation and has overcome many adversities from gang affliction, various jail  & prison terms, to the death of his mother, father and twin brother. After coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and submitting to His Lordship while serving a 3 year prison term,  Bazooka was released back into society to spread the message of reconciliation through Christ by his gift of music and evangelism and has been focused on reaching, encouraging and mentoring those who are coming out of similar lifestyles. With a story of testing and triumph, his testimony shows that no matter what afflictions we may suffer in this life, we can continue to place our trust and hope in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Bazooka The Disciple’s full length album “P3: Praize, Psalms & Pianoz” is scheduled to be released in October 2017.

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