Rapper, Anthony ‘HnstT‘ Bartimioli was on an interview session with iRapChrist recently. On the interview, Anthony talked about his new single ‘No Grave ft. Thomas Iannucci’  dropping midnight of October 31st which is known as Halloween’s day which is also the eve of All Saint’s day. When asked about the inspiration of the title ‘No Grave ‘ and its intended message of the song,

Anthony described the song ‘No Grave‘ saying ,

“No Grave kinda came about from this idea that we die to our flesh,  God calls us to die to our flesh and the other joyful and hopeful part of that is that through our faith in Christ we actually have eternal life and so we are not bound to the grave , in fact Christ died and conquered the grave in three days.

He also described the concept of the artwork and it’s intended message.

Of noteworthiness is the date range on the artwork (1987- 2011), which signifies his birth year through the year he repented and gave his life to Christ.

When asked about the release date, he mentioned, that the release date falls in between two distinct celebrations of evil and good, Halloween and All Saints Day

Anthony said,

“I just wanted to give an opportunity to redeem the evil that comes out of  the very dark and evil celebration ‘halloween’ , by saying to a certain degree that we don’t need to worship and honour the dead things, the things of the past, we have opportunity to live  in Christ and that should bring us hope , and that should be honoured.”

Listen below to the interview.

No grave drops November 1, 2018.



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