Atlanta-bred Christian MC Alex Faith who is also a member the rap collective W.L.A.K. (aka We Live As Kings) just released his  Intruder EP.

Alex Faith has been very activein the Christian Hip hop scene, he has been featured prominently on tracks from several well-loved artists in the

Christian rap world, contributing verses to material from Allen Swoope and Dre Murray. Alex Faith then continued with his own online singles

and mixtapes, and in 2013 released his debut full-length, ATLast, a collection of rhymes that were as observational of the ills of society as they were devoted to his faith and beliefs.


View Tracklist Below:

  1. Duffle Bag (feat. Ki’Shon)

  2. Intruder (feat. Tedashii)

  3. OG (feat. Tony Ri’chard)

  4. Real Ones (feat. Adan Bean)

  5. Interstellar (feat. Dre Murray)

  6. The One (feat. Vanessa Hill)


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