With an upcoming Crowns & Crosses album dropping next month, Team God Over Money delivers it’s subscribers via SOHH five things you didn’t know about Los Angeles rapper, Bizzle.

Read Below and understand that there is more to Christian Rapper Bizzle than producing hit records.


Bizzle donated 45k to build water towers in Mozambique, Africa. After touring Africa and becoming aware of the need for clean water in the country of Mozambique, Bizzle put out a project called “Well Wishes” where he donated 100% of the profits toward providing clean water for the families in Gumbane Village. He recently took a trip along with his Wife to celebrate the completion of the water towers.

Before finding The Lord, Bizzle tried almost every hustle in the book. While refusing to put it all in writing for legal reasons, he’s stated that the last of those hustles was prostitution. While Bizzle would have been considered by most to be a “pimp” in that season of his life, he says that term still turns his stomach until this day. Though it paid him the most money the quickest, he admits that he regrets the decisions he made and his blatant disregard for morals when it came to the money, but testifies that it was that season of life that opened his eyes to how far he was from GOD; which eventually led to him returning to GOD.

Bizzle released more than 9 mixtapes as a secular artist, but the album that he was working on was never released. After Bizzle got saved, he scrapped everything he had been working on up until that point. So while he had been dropping projects since 2002, his first album was in fact a Christian Rap album (Tough Love & Parables, 2011).

Bizzle is the founder of the God Over Money Movement & Record label. From the beginning Bizzle has been 100% independent. Bizzle maintains that “from the outside, people would always assume we had a big staff based on what we’ve been able to accomplish, but the truth is it’s always just been me & my Wife…..or should I say, me, my Wife & GOD.” With hopes to inspire others, he confirms that while every album ever released by Bizzle has landed on the Billboard charts, every album has also been recorded in his closet;

“with GOD all things are possible”,

he added.


With all of his success, Bizzle still aims to take care of home first. He has to children with his Wife of seven years and says that it is a constant struggle to find balance with business and family. He usually travels on weekends and tries to be home with the family throughout the week. Though he sometimes has to sacrifice important moments, he still tries to make every basketball game either in person or via FaceTime from the road.


“It’s hard to clock out when you work from home”

he says,

“so that balance is something I still struggle to find until this day.”



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