Lust gone

These songs have ministered to us and some other people that have shared their testimonies with us.

Just to let you also become conscious of them we have put this together. We pray they minister to you.

Open letter (battle field ) -KB ft. Swoope

KB & Swoope read letters that have been sent to KB asking for prayers about temptation.

In the third verse, Trip Lee closes the song in prayer asking God to give strength to overcome their temptations.
Excerpts from the song.

Now I’m torn cause the other day I stumbled over porn I’m supposed to be a leader man how can I move on? I know (this is a lie)
That’s why I’m coming to you praying I’m praying that you can pray for you sister to make it through
I’m crying as I write cause I wanna be right
Many girls have fallen and I don’t wanna fall too

She’s the one I’m sure, but I wanna stay pure
Scary the way that I’m yearning for her
Getting married but I’m burning for her
Hard for me to wait till she walk in that aisle
Down in a white gown, I’m thinking night gown, man I wanna do it right now
Why wait when I feel like she my wife now?

The way that I’m feeling is natural, but KB is it godly?
Is it wrong lust, or strong love this feeling inside for wifey?
Honor the Lord in dating her
Wanna do the same in waiting, but
This temptation’s a beast please pray for us

Jai a very powerful female vocalist in the Christian Hip Hop Scene was on the hook singing:

There’s a war inside my heart and mind every day I fight it
So make me align to the truth and rely on your Spirit inside me
(It’s time to make) war war war war war war cause life is a battlefield
War war war war war war cause life is a battlefield

Listen Below.


Killa -Lecrae

Lecrae’s second song on his Grammy nominated album “Rehab” explains the dangers of promiscuous women  or maybe Lecrae personified sin. In the song Killa, sin is represented by a woman. , and how they “kill” relationship with Jesus Christ.
Lecrae described how humans love to do wrong.

I know it’s gon kill me but I just can’t let it go

is where he ascertains that though he is Christian, it doesn’t mean he is exempted from the struggles with doing wrong things. He’s showing that along with everybody else, he’s human too.
He’s talking about how sin is always the more attractive way to go, but it all goes away in the end.

All the joy, all the pleasure, all the money, all the drugs and all the perceived success all goes away in the end. Just Like Flame said in his 2008 song ,- It’s all Gon’ Pass

Proverbs 5 is an appropriate Bible reference.

Listen Below.

Amputee -Flame & Mike REAL

From Flame and Mike REAL’s Joint EP Revival

The song titled Amputee started

You have heard that it is said , that you shall not commit adultery

..If your right eye causes you to sin , tear it out and throw it away, for it is better that you lose one on your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell

Flame says  They’d probably kinda think that you’re crazy, but that’s the kind of thing you do when you at war, 

It’s not a literal thing, You gotta go the extreme. Cos Satan in his regime, they literally wanna kill you .

Flame also made a reference to New Jersey Rapper. Fetty Wap who lost an eye while he was a kid.

The Spirit is speaking we should be looking like Fetty Wap.

Flame also said in reference to his Fetty Wap line “that is not a shot, it’s just a thought that I’m carrying”
Mike REAL on the second verse also in the same context as flame in the first verse.

We rather lose an arm than to use in honoring shame to the lord .

He says , We will still be fighting temptation like never before…

Cut your TV Radio and Friends off, If they causing you to move from the Truth , and never be apologetic ,

The enemy ain’t have you thinking that it’s all pathetic.

Listen below.

Covenant Eyes -Trip Lee Ft. Pro (Now Known as Derek Minor)

In a culture that is crazy, in a world that is fallen
Its hard tryna live this thang according to Your callin
Every time steppin at my heart it’s steady prowlin
Desires wagin war back n forth like they brawlin

Trip Lee discussed the many issues faced by this generation, how it is very easy to fall into sin, living against God’s calling.

The hook of the song says how We should act

Look at that, what you lookin at
Oooo she lookin; good
Nah man I ain’t lookin back
I’m watchin what I’m watchin, and yea this thing hard
Better watchin what I’m watchin we gotta be on guard
Look at dat, what you lookin at
Oooo she lookin good nah man I ain’t lookin back
Im watchin what I’m watchin, and yea this thing hard
Better watchin what I’m watchin we gotta be on guard
I don’t want your goodies baby you can keep your cookies lady
I know they got M&MS but this road I’m on is slim and shady


Food for the stomach and the stomach for food -but God will destroy them both. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.“ – 1 Corinthians 6:13

In accordance with the Word of God, Derek Minor does not want the food of this world because it will not satisfy as he mentioned in his verse.

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My Confession -Bizzle  Feat Sevin

The fourth track on the Boi1da produced 2013 album – The Good Fight talks about Bizzle’s addiction to pornography which led him to stray away from God. But just like the Bible says in James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Listen to Bizzle share his story / confession .

I was hooked at a young age, I never really knew until I got saved. It’s easy to say that you’re not addicted. I guess you never know it till you try to quit it

Listen Below



We pray that these songs minister life and freedom to you.


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